What is PARAGON?

Paragon is a software product developed for advanced analytics and large amounts of streaming data. Paragon can absorb many different streaming data sources and data types.

How does PARAGON work?

Paragon is fully automated. It runs on AWS in Docker containers. Paragon can be used to monitor commercial and industrial sites such as airports and plants for activity such as earthquakes and severe weather.

PARAGON results

Results are sent as Alerts and can be sent out in a variety of formats: RSS, email, SMS, GoogleEarth live KML, or JSON messages over Kafka and ActiveMQ.

AI Machine Learning

Keeping up with the most relevant technologies.

Supporting Subheading

AI Machine Learning

1. Problem Definition

Clearly define the problem to be solved or goal to be achieved.

2. Data Acquistion

Gather relevant data that will be used to train & test your AI model. The quality of the data play a crucial role in the success of an AI project.

3. Data Preprocessing

Clean, preprocess, and transform the acquired data to ensure it is in a suitable format for training your AI model.

4. AI Modeling

This step involves designing & building a model architecture, selecting the right set of features, and determining the hyperparameters.

5. Training

Now the model learns patterns & relationships in the data through an optimization process that minimizes the difference between the predicted and actual values.

6. Evaluation

This involves measuring various metrics such as accuracy, precision, recall, F1 score, or other relevant metrics specific to the problem domain.

7. Simulation and Testing

Validate the performance of your AI model using simulated or real-world test data.

8. Deployment and Monitoring

Continuously monitor the model’s behavior, performance, & accuracy over time, and make necessary updates or improvements as needed.

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